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Mission of the Urology Clinics is to offer you novel treatments offered by modern medicine and advances technologies. Worldwide used treatment methods are successfully implemented in our hospital for urological cancers, male sexual dysfunctions, assisted reproductive techniques, and female incontinence surgery.

Greenlight prostate vaporization procedure has been successfully carried out on more than 2000 patients. Prostate surgery with plasmakinetic and TUR is performed in our clinic. 

Laparoscopic surgery is carried out for removing stones in the urinary tract. Along with the removal of stones with percutaneous nephrolithotripsy and ureteroscopic method that are used for kidney and urinary stones as a standard modality in many centers, kidney stones are successfully fragmented with flexible ureteroscopy using holmium laser which is applied in few center. This method is known by various names such as FURLAS, retrograde intra-renal surgery or laser lithotripsy using flexible ureteroscopy.

Our hospital is one of the leading centers of Turkey in this method.

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