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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Modern healthcare services are offered by experienced and qualified healthcare practitioners at a well-equipped physiotherapy unit of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department.

Physicians, 7 physiotherapists and 2 chiropractors are employed in the unit and pain therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, rehabilitation of sports injuries, hand rehabilitation and orthesis procedures are carried out.

Musculoskeletal system disorders are treated using modern treatment modalities at electrotherapy and hydrotherapy units, exercise halls and treatment rooms of the unit.

Units, Devices and Equipment


ESWT (Shockwave therapy for musculoskeletal system disorders such as calcaneal spur, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and trigger points)

Short-wave diathermia

Electrical stimulation

Angesic currents (TENS, interferential current, vacuum interference, diadynamic current)



Upper extremity ergometry



Hot pack

Exercise ergometry

Cold pack

Shoulder Wheel

Paraffin bath (separately for hands and feet)

Finger ladder

Whirlpool (separately for hands and feet)

Theratube and theraband

Four cell galvanic baths

Occupational therapy

Cervical traction

Weight therapy

Lumbar traction

Balance board

Conditions Treated

Low back pain and cervicalgia

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow


Injury and tears of knee ligaments, meniscus tears

Cervical and lumbar spondyloarthritis

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (chondromalacia patella)

Osteoarthritis of knee, hip and hands

Ligament injuries of ankle

Lumbar and cervical herniation

Posture disorders

Scoliosis (abnormal angulation of the spine)

Post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation (arthroscopy, prosthesis, repair of fracture and tendon etc)

Myofascial pain syndrome (pain secondary to muscle spasm)

Polio sequel

Fibromyalgia syndrome (Rheumatism of soft tissue)

Ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis (subacute and chronic)

Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)

Sports injuries

Tears of shoulder muscles


Therapeutic Local Viscosupplementation

Viscosupplementation for trigger point (trigger point injections)

Carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and ulnar neuropathy

Tendinitis and bursitis injections

Facial paralysis

Neural compression injections (carpal tunnel syndrome etc)

Rehabilitation of stroke

Intra-articular injections

Rehabilitation of traumatic cerebral injury

Occupational injuries

Postoperative rehabilitation brain tumor surgery

Hand and wrist disorders

Parkinson’s disease

Post-operative rehabilitation of hand surgery


Tendinitis, bursitis and injuries secondary to micro-trauma

Cerebral Palsy

Rehabilitation of myopathy

Rehabilitation of respiratory system diseases (pulmonary rehabilitation)

Rehabilitation of polyneuropathy

Medical pilates for healthy subjects and patients with myofascial pain syndrome

Peripheral nerve injuries

Gestational rehabilitation – pregnancy yoga

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