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Organ  Transplantation

Organ Transplantation

Organ Transplantation Department of the Güven Hospital is serving our patients with the participation of transplant surgeons, anesthesiologists, nephrologists and gastroenterologists in a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Preliminary studies are done for patients, who are admitted for liver or kidney transplantation, and compatible live donor, if there is, at the relevant units of Organ Transplantation Department, and depending on the type of organs, transplantation decision is discussed and concluded in the Liver or Kidney Transplantation Council. Our primary goal is to get our patients had a successful transplantation surgery and a smooth early postoperative period. Our long-term and main goal is providing regular follow-up and training for our patients, helping them to be reintegrated into their families and society in post-transplantation period.

Organ transplantations, especially liver and kidney, have shown a rapid increase in the last 15 years. Although a significant increase is observed in cadaveric organ donations compared to past, number of cadaveric organ donations is much lower than it should be. The difficulty finding cadaveric organs is tried to be overcome by live donor transplantations, and nowadays, patients are trying to survive with organs donated by their relatives within the limits allowed by law.

Kidney transplantation is enhancing the quality of life rather than saving the life. Patients are living dependent to dialysis machine for long hours and even for days at dialysis centers, resulting with poor life quality for patients who need transplantation but cannot find the organ. Liver transplantation, besides increasing the quality of life, is a life saving operation. If transplantation is not carried out, survival chance of the patient gradually decreases, and the patient can easily be lost secondary to any complication. In our country, the frequency of cirrhosis caused by ground of cirrhosis, is much higher than that of western countries. It is a fact that human lifespan can be extended significantly with a piece of liver taken from ling donors, and this process has become one of the routine surgical procedures. From this point of view, organ transplantation, and liver transplantation is particular, is the most important surgical leap within the last 50 years, with dramatic contributions to survival of patient.