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Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet

The medical diet services department, which prepares personalized nutrition plans for individuals, strives to teach adequate, balanced, and proper nutrition in outpatient services, resolving existing issues by promoting behavioral changes to improve the individual's quality of life. In our weight control center, individuals' dietary habits are thoroughly reviewed in the initial examination. Subsequently, a body analysis is conducted to determine the amount of fat, muscle, and water in the body, and the body's working speed is identified. Based on these data, a personalized nutrition program is prepared, taking into account factors such as age, gender, physical activity, and blood indicators, ensuring regular follow-up for the individual. Additionally, pediatric diet services cover infant and childhood nutrition, food allergies, and nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Endocrine diet services provide personalized nutrition programs compatible with diabetes and hormonal disorders. Nephrology diet services create individualized nutrition programs tailored to all kidney diseases (acute and chronic kidney failures), and offer group education, along with patient follow-ups.

Our outpatient clinic provides consultancy services on various topics and is ready to assist you with accurate, new, and scientific materials and information in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

Department Services

Preventive Nutrition Childhood nutrition:

Did you know that many diseases we encounter in adults have their roots planted in childhood? How well are you providing proper nutrition education to your child, and how are you setting an example for them? Is their nutrition guided correctly at school? If you have question marks in your mind, you can seek advice from our nutrition and diet department on how to provide nutrition education to your child from the early stages of life.

Adolescent nutrition:

Adolescence is one of the periods when children are most concerned about their physical characteristics. During these years, if they are not guided correctly, they may adopt misinformation for the sake of beauty. However, they are still in the growth and development stage, and incorrect nutritional systems can lead to irreversible, permanent damage in the future. If you observe such tendencies in your adolescent, you can consult with an online dietitian to get guidance.

Pregnancy nutrition:

Are you planning to become pregnant? Or did you just find out that you are pregnant? During your pregnancy, you can receive counseling from our department on ensuring the healthy development of the baby, avoiding excessive weight gain, and making necessary dietary changes during the breastfeeding period.

Breastfeeding period:

Healthy breastfeeding plans are designed for mothers to be able to breastfeed their babies in a healthy manner and not gain excess weight during this period. If you need guidance during this process, you can consult with our department.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Heart Diseases:

Medical nutrition therapy necessary to control cholesterol or high blood fats, manage the intake of cholesterol and fat from foods without disrupting the balance of other nutrient intake.

Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes) – Gestational Diabetes:

Personalized medical nutrition therapy to control blood sugar, maintain ideal weight, and prevent other diseases associated with diabetes.

Gout Disease:

Medical nutrition therapy planned to keep your uric acid level at an ideal level, limiting the intake of purines.

Urinary Tract and Kidney Stones:

Medical nutrition therapy planned based on the type of stone you have to prevent the recurrence of stone formation, which can be a recurring condition if necessary precautions are not taken.

Kidney Disease:

Medical nutrition therapy personalized according to the level of damage in your kidneys and based on your biochemical results.


A condition that can occur in infancy or adulthood due to incorrect nutritional practices or a disease (cancer, AIDS, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.). Medical nutrition therapy aims to create a balance between the amounts a person consumes or can consume and their needs.

  • Nutrition and Diet
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