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Clinical Laboratory of the Güven Hospital has been accredited by JCI, and the Laboratory continues serving in accordance with the Laboratory Service Quality Standards of the Ministry of Health.

Our mission is to make the necessary contributions to medical treatment and care of our patients by providing the most accurate results in the shortest time.

Serving at international standards, Laboratories of the Ankara Güven Hospital are members of the international quality programs, and they are proceeding on the way to serve our patients with meticulous care. Patient samples are transferred to the laboratory quickly via the pneumatic tube system. 

Our laboratories are serving 24 hours a day. Test results are obtained in three hours for non-emergency tests, while STAT tests are concluded within one hour at the latest. Working under the supervision of physicians whose principle is reporting reliable and accurate results, our technicians have sound knowledge and experience in the relevant area of work and they continue making efforts without compromising from the professional approach.

Methods used for testing are reference methods, and all analyzes are performed with high-tech devices. Method validations are performed and validity of methods is proven for tests.

Mutually supportive systems are used to get fast and reliable test results, and if necessary, different devices and different methods are used for the same testing an the results are verified for accuracy.

Laboratory tests

Biochemistry tests

Microbiology tests

Hematology tests

Serology - Immunology tests

Hormone tests

Tumor markers

Pathology - Cytology

Blood bank