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General Intensive Care

General Intensive Care

General Intensive Care

Our Intensive Care Unit at Güven Hospital holds a significant place within the overall healthcare services due to the vital support it provides to all critical adult patients. Intensive care services are made possible through a multidisciplinary teamwork. Providing effective and high-quality vital support and treatment in the intensive care unit is not feasible without the 24/7 support of all surgical and internal branches, as well as the laboratory and imaging center when needed. This teamwork is what makes us strong.

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In general intensive care units where all critical patients can be admitted, the health problems that can be instantly intervened include:

·       All traumas (head trauma, chest trauma, severe fractures, whole-body traumas, etc.)

·       Brain hemorrhages,

·       Strokes,

·       Severe respiratory failures,

·       Acute or chronic kidney failures,

·       Nervous system diseases (Myasthenia Gravis, Guillain-Barre, etc.)

·       Severe infections,

·       Poisonings,

·       Severe injuries,

·       Severe burns, and many other critical illnesses.

  • General Intensive Care
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